Core Council Hosts Thanksgiving Pie Baking Contest


The Core Council put the community’s baking skills to the test with their inaugural Thanksgiving Pie Baking Contest on Nov. 20.

The contestants’ pies were split into two categories: “Homemade” and “Help from Betty Crocker.” After the Core Council and security guard John Molisso tasted a total of 61 pies, sophomore Maddie Condon’s sweet apple pie was deemed the winner in the Homemade category, and sophomore Alexa Sadowski’s Snickers treat was selected as the winner in the Help from Betty Crocker category. Condon and Sadowski earned a total of 6 points for the Royal Rumble Blue Team.

School nurse Susan Almeida, junior Sophia Church, sophomores Sophia Gana and Violet Lambrou, freshman Katherine McCarthy, freshman Lucy Retterer and senior Cate Toomey received honorable mentions for their outstanding pies.

(Photos by Julia Hallman)



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