Geoghan Leaves Trinity Hall to Continue Empowering Students at NJ SEEDS

By Bridget Andree, Layout Editor

On Nov. 3, the community bade farewell to Kristy Geoghan, who served as an English teacher then Director of Development at Trinity Hall beginning in spring of 2013. She will be greatly missed by her colleagues, students and alumnae as she leaves to become the Director of Development at NJ SEEDS (Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication and Success).


Kristy Geoghan is joined by fellow Trinity Hall administrators at the 2016 Innovation Celebration, one of the significant events she planned as Director of Development. Pictured L to R: Theresa Kiernan, Mary Sciarrillo, Kristy Geoghan and James Palmieri. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

Kristy is an exceptional professional. The NJ SEEDS program is very lucky to have her,” Director of Admissions Theresa Kiernan said.

NJ SEEDS is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 that prepares motivated, high-achieving, low-income students for admission to private schools and colleges across the company.  At NJ SEEDS, Geoghan will continue to serve “educated students who recognize the dignity of every person; who will work for justice, peace, and compassion; and who can make responsible choices in a complex world” (“Trinity Hall Student Handbook” page 23) just as she did at Trinity Hall. As Geoghan begins her new job, she firmly believes that her experiences at Trinity Hall will stick with her.

“Each of the roles I served allowed me to experience many different aspects of the school’s mission,” Geoghan said.

Her tenure at Trinity Hall began in the classroom and on the soccer field as she taught sophomore English to the Class of 2017 and assisted in coaching the varsity soccer team in the school’s second year.

“Having Mrs. Geoghan, who we all still call ‘Coach Geoghs,’ as an assistant soccer coach and teacher was like having a second mother,” said senior Haley Cesario. “She not only taught us how to play soccer but how to live appropriately. I will miss her so much.”

CiprianiEvent Courtesy of TH

As Trinity Hall’s Director of Development, Kristy Geoghan led the organization and success of the 2017 Gala at Cipriani in New York City. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

Geoghan’s desire to guide and nurture students continued even when her duties in development and administrative work necessitated her departure from the classroom and soccer field.

“She lived the mission of educating and empowering our students when she was in the classroom and, once she focused on development and school administration full-time, she found ways to continue to empower our students with opportunities to lead, in small ways and in bigger ways,” Kiernan said.

“I am most proud of creating a culture of giving at Trinity Hall,” said Geoghan, who spearheaded many important projects at the school, including the annual giving programs, the capital campaign, the 2016 Innovation Celebration and the 2017 Gala at Cipriani in New York City.

While her contributions will have a lasting impact on the community, most of all, her friendly spirit that graced the community will be remembered by students and faculty alike.

We are good friends and we will continue to be good friends, but I will miss having her dance around the modular offices — she is an amazing dancer and lots of fun to be around,” Kiernan said.

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