Field Hockey Debuts as New Club

By Madison Marques, Staff Writer

Field hockey is the newest club sport to hit Trinity Hall with five athletes building the team from the ground up. The goal of the club in the fall season of the 2017 school year is to develop the program while learning the skills and acquiring the opportunities to eventually play other schools.

field hockey2 pappa

Field hockey captain senior Kathryn M. leads the team in drills at an afternoon practice on campus. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Pappa)

The club is coached by English and Spanish teacher Lauren Pappa, who played three years of varsity field hockey in high school and is enthusiastic for the up-and-coming program. “Our main intention for the club team is to just get girls interested and start to have some conversations about field hockey at Trinity Hall. Then, hopefully, next year we can have enough support to offer a varsity level sport,” Pappa said. The team hopes to join the Shore Conference next year and begin their varsity season, similar to the progression of the school’s softball team.

“Even though it’s a small group of five girls we have found a way to come together under the leadership of Kat Murray, who started this team,” said sophomore Alexa Sadowski, who joined the team having no prior field hockey experience. “She as well as Coach Pappa have found a way to make us better and better each week. Hopefully our small program will turn into another lasting sports program at Trinity Hall.”

The team practiced Tuesdays and Thursdays on campus to improve basic skills and become comfortable with the sport. Although some of the girls are holding field hockey sticks for the first time, learning the sport together has strengthened new relationships among them.

Team captain Kathryn Murray (‘18), who has wanted to start a field hockey club since she came to Trinity Hall, is very excited to see it finally become a reality. “I am so happy that Trinity Hall now has a field hockey program…We’ve had a lot of fun and are improving together. I am so excited see how the program progresses in the future,” Murray said.

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