Softball Team Steps Up to the Plate this Spring

By Elizabeth Witek, Staff Writer

The softball team became the newest varsity sport at Trinity Hall this spring, upgrading from its status as a club sport last year. The 11 girls on the team were coached by head coach Theresa Kelly and assistant coach Kristen Shea.

softball 051817 am (256)

Hailey H. (back) pours water on the softball team captains (L to R) Kathryn M., Sophia B. and Liszeth R. after the team’s last game of the season against St. Rose on May 18. Photo by Alyssa Morreale

Junior Kathryn Murray, one of the team’s inaugural captains, has been behind the softball program since she was a sophomore. “I wanted to begin the softball program at Trinity Hall because I wanted to be able to go through high school playing what I love. I truly believe softball is a great team sport and [that] benefit[s] the Trinity Hall athletics program,” Murray said.

The team finished the season with a record of 2-7, beating out Asbury Park in a double header. Even though the team experienced losses in their first year, they created memories and established the foundation of the program that will remain for years to come.

“The best thing I’ve experienced during this season is the opportunity to grow with something,” said freshman Bailey Powers. “It’s been amazing to be a part of something from the beginning and watch its evolution.”

With only two months of practice, the players were uncertain of how their performance as a team would be. Despite the limited experience of playing together, the athletes kept their heads held high and encouraged each other to their highest potential. Through wins and losses, the players became not only teammates, but friends, too.  

softball 051817 am (8)

Freshman Bailey P. delivers a pitch as Liszeth R. gets ready in the field against St. Rose on May 18. Photo by Alyssa Morreale

Since the beginning, Kelly has been supportive of her players for establishing a new sports team and believes a strong work ethic is fundamental towards success. “I have coached for many years, and the most important lesson I have learned is that if you get athletes to believe in what you are doing to make them better and they are willing to put in the hard work, eventually it will be a positive experience for everyone,” Kelly said.

In the near future, the team hopes to recruit players, continue expanding the softball program and improve their performance on the field.

“In the coming years, I want our team to advance in our skill level,” freshman Jane Banahan said. “I also want to be a threat to all other teams in the Shore Conference, and I’m sure one day we will be!”

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