First Annual Ring Ceremony

By Jackie Fletcher, Features Editor

IMG_5173 (1)

Faculty members Melissa Fairchild and Kevin Polke present junior Courtney V. with her class ring at the Ring Ceremony on Feb. 27. Photo by Maya Gardner

At the first annual ring ceremony, on Feb. 27, founding faculty and administration presented the upperclassmen with their class rings. Seniors and Juniors had the option to purchase a class ring with the Trinity Hall emblem and their graduation year inscribed on it. The rings are a symbol of unity and community, and the ceremony was held in celebration of the work and successes of the upper class students. Sister Mariann Mahon organized the ceremony and said she hoped students, parents, and faculty alike would “cherish the moment and recognize the opportunities they have shared together.” In addition, considering that this ring marked the latter half of the girls’ educational career, Sister Mariann said the ceremony served as a pledge to the eternal commitment each student has to Trinity Hall.

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