Evening of Fine Arts Showcases Students’ Talents

By Elizabeth Witek, Staff Writer

The Creative Arts Council hosted the first Evening of Fine Arts on June 2 after a year of planning. The event allowed the visual and performing arts clubs to showcase all of their work from the past school year.

Students from the art club and classes exhibited their artwork, members of the glee and dance clubs performed numbers they worked on in rehearsals, while a few other students performed acts that they worked on outside of school.

The council began discussing the Evening of Fine Arts last year under the leadership of junior Sarah Frankel and sophomore Jacqueline Munro. This year, the council strove to ensure that the event would take place this spring to bring all of their work to life. Beginning in February, the council focused on the planning, especially this year’s council representatives, junior Nicole LoRusso, sophomore Kate Burgess and freshman Abigail Devine who coordinated the logistics and details.


Nicole LoRusso’s artwork displayed at the Evening of Fine Arts. Photo courtesy of Lillian LoRusso

“It was rewarding to see the performers and the audience enjoying all of the hard work that went into the Evening of Fine Arts. Just seeing all of the council’s work coming together, after planning the event for over a year, was the most fulfilling part,” LoRusso said.

The creative arts council’s advisors, Kali Lambrou, Ellen Phillips and Theresa Kiernan, guided the student leaders in spearheading the event. “The event did exactly want we wanted to accomplish: to celebrate the love of the arts in this school,” Kiernan said.

The 23 performers at the Evening of Fine Arts had to work around schedule constraints during the hectic last months of school. Despite the stress that finals and AP exams carry, the performers managed to fulfill their commitments and accomplish their goal of putting on a successful show.

“Performing in the show with so many other talented artists was such an amazing thing to watch,” freshman Allie Witek said. “I will never forget seeing everyone doing what they love and showing what they worked so hard on.”

Student body president, junior Chloe Toole, who performed in an improv skit and watched the rest of the show, couldn’t help but acknowledge the work the council put into the event. “What stood out to me the most was all the hard work by the students who performed and made the show happen. The show was well put together and went smoothly the whole night,” Toole said.

“Seeing so many students in attendance at the event was so nice because they were so supportive to the other students. That had to be my favorite part of the event,” Kiernan said.

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