Going Date-less Allows for Freedom and Fun

By Pallavi Kawatra, Opinions Editor

Trinity Hall’s inaugural semi-formal dance is just days away, and whether they are looking for a dress or organizing the event, most students are busy trying to make this historic “first” the best it can possibly be.

Amidst the excitement, one major source of stress for many students has been deciding whether or not to bring a date. While some girls feel it is necessary to bring a date, others, like myself, do not find it essential.

Going to a dance by yourself is not necessarily something bad; in fact, it actually has some advantages. You do not have to worry about the awkwardness of dancing with or hanging out with a boy you may not know well. It might just be more fun to spend that time with your close friends rather than trying to think of something clever or interesting to say to that boy (your classmate’s brother’s friend twice removed) you brought with you.

Just as Pamela Longo, humanities teacher, said, “Not having a date shouldn’t exclude you from enjoying yourself with your friends.” Rather than focusing on the fact that you do not have a date, focus on having fun with your friends: take tons of pictures, get to know your classmates better by spending time with them outside of school, and meet new people by finally getting to know that guy your friend is always talking so much about.

Another bonus for going on your own is that you also do not have to stress about matching wardrobes. Enjoy the freedom that you can dress to please yourself without worrying if you’ll clash or coordinate with your date.

And in the end, honestly, who cares? If finding a date causes you anxiety, then you shouldn’t worry about it; it’s not important. What is important is sharing a night with your friends and having a good time. You do not need a boy (much less one you don’t really know!) with you to do that; all you need is you and your big smile.

I believe Kyla Whitlock, sophomore, said it best: “Going to semi by yourself is fine. Why should not having a date define you? We are taught to be independent at Trinity Hall, so why should we change that for one night?”

No one is going to judge you for not having a date, so just fly solo and enjoy yourself. The night is yours…own it!

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