Five Reasons You Should Bring a Date to the Dance

By Amelia Biebel, Staff Writer

Trinity Hall is hosting its first school dance on May 15, and a vast majority of the students are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to bring a date to the event.

The chatter among students the past few months has revolved around the dance, mainly what we’re wearing and who, if anyone, we’re bringing as a date. While some students feel bringing a date isn’t important, there are at least five good reasons students should bring one. First of all, unlike most other school events, this one provides us with a chance to socialize with boys, something we don’t get to do on a daily basis, so we should take advantage of this rare opportunity (Reason #1). Secondly, because so many other girls will be bringing dates, it only makes sense to do so. If your friends all have a date and you don’t, you will feel like a third wheel, which can be awkward…more awkward than being on your first real date (Reason #2).

Sophomore Lily Scott brings up another convincing reason to bring a date: “It’s a fun new way to meet people if you are being set up on a date.” Not every girl has someone they can bring to the dance, so they have asked their friends to find them one from their group of male friends, helping them expand their own social circle (Reason #3).

Moreover, the semi-formal is a way for people who are not part of the our community to become a part of it (Reason #4). As an important event for our new school, a substantial number of people need to show up in order to make it successful. What fun would it be if mostly Trinity Hall girls attended? If this dance is a fun event for both our students and our dates, it will benefit the community in the long run and give the school reasons to host more co-ed activities (Reason #5).

While there are likely many other reasons, these five should provide all of us with the incentive to take advantage of this opportunity and bring a date to the dance. It will be an exciting and fun experience that we will always remember.

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