Trinity Hall Welcomes New Head of School Mary Kate Blaine 

By Grace Child, Editor-in-Chief

Mary Kate Blaine, Trinity Hall’s second Head of School, officially joined the community on July 1, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

As the 2021-2022 school year kicks off, Trinity Hall is excited to welcome its new Head of School, Mary Kate Blaine. Blaine previously held a position at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School in Washington D.C., where she worked as the principal for eight years. 

Her transition comes in the midst of continued COVID-19 restrictions, but even with these obstacles, Blaine has persevered. Blaine spoke about the supportive community that has aided her in settling into her role. “Everyone has been so welcoming and it has been so much fun to be back at school. The seniors especially have been very generous,” Blaine said. 

So far, Blaine has implemented new policies such as sending the Community Notes on Fridays as opposed to the previous Sunday night send out. She is also in the process of testing out a schedule in which delayed openings and dismissals without student support are utilized to allow faculty to meet. “She is bringing a new perspective to Trinity Hall, while honoring the traditions that make Trinity unique,” one student remarked.

Juniors Fiona O., Katie O., and Leah M. shared with Head of School Mary Kate Blaine what they were learning in class on a warm fall day outside. (Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole)

Blaine has been Trinity Hall’s number one supporter so far. She has attended sports games, expressed support for the Annual Fund as well as Trinity Hall’s Queen’s Court Theater Company, and been a smiling face for the community as it transitions back to more normalcy. “I love seeing the ‘Trinity Hall way’ in action. I love how ambitious and bold everyone is, I love how much taking a risk and seeing if it works is celebrated and how resilient and persevering everyone is. I think I have seen that in a thousand different ways since I started here,” Blaine shared. 

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