Class of 2021 Celebrates College Decisions

By Sydney Gusmer, Staff Writer

The Class of 2021 resumed the Trinity Hall tradition of proudly donning apparel from the college they’ll be attending this fall on their last day of classes, April 30. The Trinity Hall Tribune continued to connect with the new graduates to gain insight into their college decisions process as well as what they are most looking forward to at their new homes away from home. (See two previous installments in this series for additional student contributions.) Even though they are no longer students at Trinity Hall, these alumni will always be embraced and welcomed home to the tight-knit community they have helped cultivate here.

Sarah Bilotta – Monmouth University 

Future Fordham students Elea C. (left) and Haley K. (right) are joined by STEM teacher and Fordham alumna Kali Lambrou to celebrate their pride in being Fordham Rams. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

I loved how Monmouth [University] was close to the beach, but most importantly, I really liked how it was located in the county. Although I will still be going to college in New Jersey, there are still many students who attend from out-of-state, which allows me to feel another connection with fellow Hawks in different regions of the country. I am excited to branch out and develop long-lasting friendships with new people similar to the ones I created at Trinity Hall.”

Elea Chiusano – Fordham University, Rose Hill

“The perfect thing about this university for me was the fact that it was a campus in the city, giving me the best of both worlds…I also loved the academics at Fordham, especially being a liberal arts college, so that I can study Biology but also explore other areas of study…Living in a diverse city will allow me to expand my horizons and expose myself to things I’ve never experienced before. I will definitely explore the city as much as possible while being able to come back to a campus I get to call my home.”

Lauren Davis – James Madison University

“The vibe of the campus and the campus itself was what [drew] me in the most, and the people made it even better…everyone who attends JMU already seems so happy to be there. I also like how the student body is larger so I can meet more people…After going to private school then going to an all-girls school, I am excited to branch off and meet more people in a co-ed space. I believe being in a large student body will allow me to grow, and I am so excited.”

Jenna Falconite – University of South Carolina

“UofSC stood out to me immediately because it had the specific major I was looking for, which was broadcast journalism. I absolutely loved my tour as well. The campus was beautiful and the community was so welcoming and friendly. There is also so much to do on campus and so many clubs and organizations to get involved in. I was accepted into their dance company, so I’ll be able to continue dancing in college, which was very important to me!”

Anna Ferrigine – Boston College

“When I visited the school, I was ecstatic to find that the school fosters copious amounts of school spirit, and its perfect medium-size has much more to offer than its central location and beautiful architecture. While the scenery of Boston offers a much different perspective than experienced in New Jersey, I am still comforted by the fact that it is a drive away…(and only 45 minutes from my sister at Holy Cross!)… And I am excited that, like Trinity Hall, BC challenges students to become their best selves!

Morgan K. will be attending The George Washington University in the fall to pursue studies in international affairs. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

Katie Lasko – The Savannah College of Art and Design

“[SCAD] is a specialized art school so I’m super excited about that aspect. The animation program stood out to me the most [since] it’s one of the best in the country.”

Morgan Kogan – The George Washington University 

“The first time I visited GW, the urban campus really stood out to me as being very different from all the other schools I was considering at the time. I really like how all the school buildings are close together, but the campus as a whole is extremely immersed in downtown D.C. GW’s close proximity to the White House, State Department and International Monetary Fund make it a really great place for me to pursue my major in international affairs as well as obtain internships and job opportunities later on.”

Bryce Krampert – University of Mississippi

“When I visited campus for the first time I immediately felt at home. Everyone that I met was so friendly and welcoming and I knew that it was the place for me as soon as I stepped on campus! I am part of the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College so I will have smaller class sizes and easy access to professors. I am also part of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence – it is basically a giant factory floor right in the center of campus that we get to use!”

Maggie McCarthy – Indiana University, Bloomington

“Indiana University is really unique to me because of how connected and close everything feels despite being such a large campus with a big student population…I’m most excited to try and work on the preservation of films at the student cinema archive or explore the content of the school’s art museums and libraries.” 

Grace McEvoy – Providence College

“As soon as I stepped on the campus junior year I knew I wanted to go. I loved the atmosphere and school spirit. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming, which reminded me of the feeling I had on my first day at Trinity Hall. I am excited to go to all of the basketball games and meet up with my fellow Trinity alums when we play against their schools!”

Lucy R. will be heading to the west coast to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

Cecilia Peters – University of Maryland

“Maryland stood out to me when we visited on our college tours junior year. I immediately loved the atmosphere of the campus…Maryland’s strong Criminal Justice and Criminology program made it a great fit for me because I knew that is what I want to study and would get great exposure to the field…I was also accepted to the honors college so I will be able to experience a smaller community within such a large school…I’m also looking forward to all of the Big Ten sporting events!”

Lucy Retterer – University of Southern California

“I chose USC for the incredible programs and opportunities, the gorgeous LA weather, and the ability to study multiple things. The mindset is that students at USC are intellectually curious individuals, and with that in mind, USC makes it really easy to pursue your interests…I am most excited to rediscover myself. Barely anyone knows you when you first step onto your college campus, and it’s up to you to decide how your journey will go…It’s a bit frightening, but I’m ready for this next step in my life and can’t wait to show USC what I’ve got!

Gabby S. is heading to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to realize her dream of serving her country while also pursuing a career in law. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

Gabby Sorrentino – United States Military Academy at West Point

“What stood out to me most about the school was the commitment I saw not just to developing students academically but as leaders and human beings in this country. Similar to Trinity and our four core values, the students are asked to live up to the seven army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. I wanted to attend a school that would make me not just a better student, but a better person.”

Kailey Totland – Stevens Institute of Technology

“Stevens stood out to me because of the strong technical programs, the median earnings of graduates, and the impressive internships that students have had in the past. Stevens was the best fit for me due to its wide variety of computer science electives and concentrations. I really wanted a smaller school where I could look to the students and faculty for support and advice. Next year, I’m most excited to try all the delicious food in Hoboken and make new friends.”

Vienna C., Isabella G. and Leighton V. will continue as classmates at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor this fall. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

Leighton Van Wagner – University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

“UMich stood out to me because of its great academics, location and supportive community. Something special about UMich that made it the best fit for me was the school pride that all the students I had talked to shared. I’m most excited to get on campus next year, live in a dorm and go to lots of football games!”

Charlotte Walsh – Princeton University

“Princeton’s beautiful campus and architecture looks like Hogwarts, which for me is a dream come true. Princeton’s small size appeals to me because I have always gone to small schools and enjoy the sense of community that arises from small classes. I am so happy that I will be close to home, but will have abundant opportunities to study abroad, as many freshman seminars travel during term breaks, and students are encouraged to travel for research or independent study. I am most excited to meet students from all over the country and around the world.”

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