AP Students Benefit from Final Projects

By Grace Child, Assistant News Editor

Finals week is a time for Trinity Hall students to wrap up all of the work that they have done during the year and finish strong. Though it can be stressful, finals week is also the perfect opportunity for students to bring up their grade at the end of the year.

A topic that is often argued is that AP classes should not have finals, with the claim that AP students have already spent a lot of time preparing for the cumulative AP Exam in May and should be able to rest after a long year of work. While the AP Exam period is definitely a stressful time, finals in AP classes are still worth doing because they help to wrap up the year and give AP students a chance to improve their grade. 

The AP exam does not count for a grade for AP classes. As AP students, we work hard to prepare for these exams so we can possibly get credit for them in college, but they don’t impact our final grade. The final experiences for these classes provide AP students with this opportunity. Worth 10 percent of the total grade for the year, they are a great way to give students credit for the work they did all year long, especially if they are in need of a grade boost at the end of the year. 

It is also important to mention that the finals for most AP classes are not as challenging as the finals for the Honors classes. They often take less time to complete and don’t cover any new or particularly challenging material, and most teachers give ample time in class to work on the projects.

While on the surface having students complete final assessments in AP classes might seem unnecessary, they can help students’ grades a lot more than hurt them without being too demanding, so the current policy should be continued.  

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