Students and Faculty Find Ways to be Joyful this Spring

By Grace Child, Assistant News Editor

In this unprecedented time for everyone, students and faculty are finding new ways to bring joy into the community and lighten the school days. With nicer spring weather finally here, students are now able to enjoy lunch outside, which is a much-needed break from being inside all day. Tables set up around the campus allow for the girls to enjoy a longer lunch where they can converse with all of their friends. 

Senior Madison K. participates in the ping-pong tournament sponsored by the Athletics Council during Spirit Week the week of April 19. (Photo courtesy of Emma Bradley)

“It’s been really nice to sit outside again and be with all of my friends at the same time. I was just telling my friend today how being outside feels so much better and I like the music that they have been playing too,” junior Noelle Turek said, referencing the lunchtime mood music played daily by technology coordinator Mike Kabash. 

The student council organized a Spirit Week during the week of April 19, with each council providing activities for one day of the week. The events ranged from a ping pong tournament and jump roping to a storybook character contest and a visit from therapy dogs.  

A cornhole tournament that was organized for the girls to play outside during lunch also added more joy, activity and fun competition. Along with cornhole, the student council organized a rock-paper-scissors tournament, which ended with senior Gabby Sorentino winning points for the orange team. In support of the sports teams, games and meets are being broadcast in the Commons during lunch as well. 

Finally, Head of School Mary Sciarrillo also introduced the playing of a song during the morning break. Happy and energetic tunes recommended by the teachers are played over the loudspeaker every morning to liven up the mood between class periods.

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