Prom Should be for Seniors Only

By Isabella Giallanza, Photo Editor

The end of the academic school year signals a flurry of excitement for spring events, including sports, the spring musical and end-of-year activities. For many upperclasswomen, prom is the main event of the spring season. Prom has been marketed as a milestone night for all high school students, and it comes as no surprise that many students spend years anticipating the “best night of their lives.” Trinity Hall typically hosts a joint prom for juniors and seniors, but the abnormality of the 2020-2021 school year due to the coronavirus calls for a disruption in this tradition.

In 2020, the coronavirus uprooted the lives of many people across the world and tragically took the lives of others. People have lost family members and loved ones while also suffering both mentally and physically due to a worldwide shutdown that left many people isolated from others. The teenage population in particular was a group of individuals, among many, who were negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

In March 2020, Trinity Hall switched to remote learning for what was meant to be two weeks. Students did not return to in-person learning until September of the next academic school year. The quarantine period was unexpected, to say the least, and teenagers were forced into an unnatural state of isolation. Prom, the musical, sports and many other celebrations were cancelled or significantly altered, and the class of 2020 was understandably distraught by their seemingly unfinished high school careers. Alumna Logan Dziadzio, class of 2020,  said, “It was really upsetting not getting to have my senior prom. I spent the year looking forward to it and making plans that never got to happen, and I feel like I missed out on an important high school experience.”

Since the beginning of the school year, the Community Life council has worked diligently in conjunction with Dean for Student Life Melissa Whelan, Head of School Mary Sciarillo and school nurse Susan Almeida to plan a safe and enjoyable prom evening. Understanding that the class of 2021 had no junior prom or senior semi-formal, the administration and Community Life council made prom a top priority this year.

“We had to make sure that prom was after graduation because we wanted all seniors to graduate without being quarantined,” said Valentina Paz, a Community Life council representative for the senior class. Not only does the date of prom ensure that all seniors will be attending graduation, it also reduces the risk of coronavirus being spread in the school building because seniors will not be returning for classes. 

This year, the Trinity Hall administration has actively kept the coronavirus at bay with quick turnaround times after reported cases and constant communication with families. It would be irresponsible to allow the junior class to return to campus after prom night, as this practically throws away months of hard work to prevent students and families from getting sick. 

It is understandable that members of the junior class want to have a junior prom, as it is typically a part of the school’s tradition; however, given the circumstances of the year and considering that the class of 2022 has another year left of high school, the junior class should not attend prom this year. The juniors must consider the health risks and the feelings of the seniors, and understand that they are not being forgotten as they will have a prom and most likely a semi-formal during their senior year.

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