Seniors Start Committing to Colleges for Fall 2021

By Meredith Farrington, Features / Arts & Entertainment Editor

As of February 15, more than 20 members of the Class of 2021 have officially committed to the college where they will be matriculating this fall. The Trinity Hall Tribune caught up with some of these seniors to find out what made them decide to choose these schools as their future “second homes.” Check back soon to hear from more of our seniors in future issues. 

Senior Jackie C. will be attending Barnard College in New York City, New York in the fall of 2021. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Jackie Chafart, Barnard College

“I loved that Barnard gave me the resources of a large research university like Columbia University. When I visited, I loved how immersed it was in the city and the great community of women it housed. I am so excited to expose myself to such a diverse and creative place!”

Christina Costa, University of Scranton

“What made Scranton stand out to me is the outstanding five-and-a-half year Occupational Therapy program they offer. What also made the campus stand out to me is the welcoming atmosphere and strong family-like community. I am looking forward to studying Occupational Therapy and hope to join the dance team!”

Eva DeVizia, George Washington University

“I chose George Washington because I fell in love with the culture and the people who go there. Everyone is super cool, and I also really love D.C! I’m really looking forward to connecting with new people and simply going to a new place in general.”

Senior Michaela H. officially committed to Villonova University in Pennsylvania, starting in the fall of 2021. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Michaela Horowitz, Villanova University

“Villanova stood out to me from the moment I stepped on campus sophomore year on the Trinity [Hall sophomore college preview] trip. I loved the feel of the school, and after doing some research, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for in a school. I am excited to have the independence to go out and create new memories and make new friends in this next chapter of my life.”

Victoria Grosso, The College of William & Mary

“I fell in love with William & Mary’s colonial campus years ago, and it’s been my dream school ever since. I’m most looking forward to studying history while being able to walk through colonial Williamsburg whenever I want!”

Faith King, West Virginia University

“WVU stood out to me for a few reasons. First they had exactly the type of program I wanted, one where I could study acting but also had the flexibility to pursue my other interests like writing and directing. Since theater is a place for storytelling, it was important to me that the school I chose was telling stories that reflected the world we live in today. I’m hoping to get the chance to direct and write a bit in college as well as act.”

Madison Marchetti, Bucknell University 

“This summer while I was touring perspective colleges, the only school that stood out to me and gave me that same sense of being at home was Bucknell. I am genuinely so excited to be able to go away to school, and I just can’t wait to experience everything Bucknell has to offer.”

Senior Caitlin Ramos is excited to begin her journey as a student at Stanford University in northern California this fall. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Caitlin Ramos, Stanford University

“The one thing that stood out most to me about Stanford was the people. Never have I met a more humble and inspired group of people, and I am so excited to be a part of that community. I am looking forward to having new experiences and creating lifelong memories. So much will be different, and I cannot wait to embark on all of the incredible adventures that college on the west coast has to offer.”

Brianna Vogel, Florida Southern University

“To me, Florida Southern stood out because I wanted a school with many activities and Greek life [that was] also by the water and with palm trees. I am very excited…not only for the whole college experience…but also to be able to show myself that I am mature enough to handle everything on my own and [make] friendships that I will hopefully keep forever. “

Dianna Whaley, Syracuse University

“I think the school spirit is what really made Syracuse stand out to me. I really enjoy how involved of a community we have at Trinity Hall, and I wanted to make sure I kept that same energy going into college. I am super excited to go to a huge school. I’ve gone to small schools all my life, and I am just ready to break out and try something new.”

Hannah Wietzke, Bucknell University

“For me, Bucknell really stood out because it was small enough where I’d get to know my professors and classmates on a personal level while also being able to have my own personal life. In college, I’m most looking forward to meeting new people from all over the place. I’m also looking forward to taking classes related to my major rather than a mix of both humanities and STEM as it’ll allow me to focus more on what I want to do with my future.”

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