“Paint and Sip” Serves As an Artistic Getaway for Students

By Blaire Sheftel, Staff Writer

The “Paint and Sip” event provided a creative outlet for students as well as an escape from the stresses of their academics. Organized and hosted by the arts council and visual arts teacher Erin Straine on Nov. 6, the event consisted of students creating their own work of art with guidance from a reference painting, along with provided food and drink to create a relaxing and artistic atmosphere. 

Art teacher Erin Straine guides students during the art council’s “Paint and Sip” event held in the north lawn of Trinity Hall on Nov. 6. (Photo courtesy of Mariana Sierra)

“[The arts council] holds this event so that everyone feels they can dip into and practice their creativity,” said Straine. “I usually try to make the painting something fun and seasonal that the girls can kind of put their own spin on it.” 

Being a well-seasoned artist is most certainly not a requirement for this event, and students with little experience are encouraged to attend. The purpose is not to better your painting skills, although that can most certainly be a benefit, but rather to provide a relaxing environment in which each student can express her own creativity. 

Many new faces participated in the event this year, including sophomore Reece Jones. “It was my first time doing it,” Jones said. “It was great because I haven’t painted in a while, and it was nice to kind of get into that again.” 

The Paint and Sip this year served as a way to be outside with friends, enjoy the pleasant fall weather and revisit an old hobby or artistic activity. The theme of fall and Thanksgiving was present at the event, showing itself through the autumnal setting, refreshments and reference painting. The organizers provided participants with individually packaged pretzels and apple juice, which paired nicely with the November weather. The reference painting Straine created was a garden gnome in front of a clear blue sky holding a pumpkin with leaves blowing in the wind. Not only was this painting extremely fitting for the fall season but also simple and fun to paint. This simplicity allowed for the participants to add unique creative touches, possibly changing the backdrop, decorating the gnome’s hat or adding another element.

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