Father’s Committee Hosts Second Annual Dads and Daughters Bowling Event

By Isabella Giallanza, Photo Editor

More than 160 students and special guests gathered at Bowlero Lanes in Hazlet for a friendly competition on Nov. 3. The Fathers’ Committee worked to ensure the night was a success by designing fun games for the bowlers to enjoy while sharing laughs and memories to last a lifetime. 

Although called the “Dads and Daughters Bowling Event,” students weren’t restricted to bringing only their fathers; brothers, uncles and other father figures could join them at the bowling alley to spend quality time together. The committee’s recognition of other father figures in girls’ lives opened up many more opportunities for students to have bonding experiences with the rest of the community. 


Juniors Katerina, Jackie and Vienna (L to R) enjoyed bowling with their father Edward Chafart (center) at the Dads and Daughters bowling event at Bowlero Lanes in Hazlet on Nov. 3. (Photo courtesy of Joanne Miller)

“I was so excited when I found out I could bring my older brother to a father-daughter event,” junior Skylar Abbey said. “He has always been a father figure to me and we both had such a fun time bowling with one another, my friends and their fathers.” 

The night started with a prayer led by Father’s Committee co-chair Frankie Francese. Dean for Student Life Melissa Whelan began the evening’s festivities with an opening bowl.

The Father’s Committee organized four games for the girls and their guests to play. Each game had a different set of creative guidelines, so the night included everything from traditional bowling to dancing and jumping. The games were focused not on competition but on the opportunity for the girls to bond with their fathers, friends and other members of the community. 

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” freshman Michelle McCabe said. “We all were so bad, but it was okay because we were all bad together.” 

The variations in skill did not determine the level of fun the participants experienced. With each new bowler came another great memory and new friendship. Upperclassmen and underclassmen alike bonded over their bowling mishaps and their guests’ mistakes. While not everyone walked away victorious, all attendees had the opportunity to make new friends and create memories to cherish with their loved ones.

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