Blue Team Wins Third Annual Flag Football Championship

By Grace Child & Kate Hegel, Staff Writers & Molly Clifford, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Students from all grades kicked off the third annual Flag Football tournament by competing in an intense first round of games on Nov. 25. This competition, which is organized by the athletics council with assistance from the Fathers’ Committee, is a Royal Rumble event, where the top Blue team battles the top Orange team for highly-desired Royal Rumble points. 

The first round was originally set to take place on Sunday Nov. 24 but was postponed due to inclement weather; however, the rescheduling of the single-elimination tournament did not stop the Monarchs, and each team fought hard to earn their spot in the final on Nov. 26.

The Black Team who represented Blue and the two-time defending champions Purple Team who represented Orange advanced to the championship after beating the Brown and Yellow teams, respectively. Accompanied by clear skies and beautiful weather, each played a passionate game, with strong efforts by both teams evident. 

The energy on the field was well-matched by the atmosphere of students, parents, faculty and alumnae who came out to show their support. 

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(Photo gallery images by Eleanor O’Connor)

The showdown between the Orange and Blue team was very exciting to watch from the sidelines. The event was well-executed by the Father’s Committee who put in a lot of time and effort to make the football game a success. There was food and drinks for everyone to enjoy while cheering on our peers,” sophomore Mary Kate Allingham said. “The energy on the sidelines was very intense yet enjoyable while rooting for either the Blue or Orange team.”

After an exciting game, Blue emerged victorious with a final score of 36-7 and earned Royal Rumble points for their team. This was the first time in the event’s short history that the Blue team has taken home the championship. Members of the Blue Team showed their pride by storming the field after the victory. 

The captain of the victorious Black Team, Colleen Kelly, felt the day could not have gone any better. “I think it was a really good match up. Both teams played really hard. It was a great day to play. It was so warm outside, so I think the atmosphere was perfect. It was a good win by the Blue Team!” Kelly said. 

Although the Purple Team did not win the game, quarterback Madison Kelly was still pleased with how her team played. “I’m very proud of my team. They all put a lot of effort in. Congrats to the Blue Team on the win!”

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