Flag Football Brings Out Students’ Competitive Nature

By Brynn McGuiness, Staff Writer

Following an intense preliminary day of flag football competition on Nov. 18 at Dorbook Park, the two final teams faced off in the annual flag football tournament championship game at the Fort Monmouth Recreation Center on Nov. 19.


Senior Colleen C. throws to sophomore Gabriella S. for the orange team touchdown. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

The White Team represented the blue Royal Rumble team, while the Purple People Eaters represented the orange Royal Rumble team after winning their respective brackets during the preliminary round. Both teams went into the game excited and hoped to come out with a win.

“We all want to win, so that shared goal that we have and the energy built off of that is going to help us win the game,” senior Colleen Cusat, captain of the orange team, said. Sophomore and member of the orange team Caitlin Ramos agreed. “I think we all meshed well and really played well together on Monday, and I’m hoping we can do the same today,” Ramos said.


Juniors Alexa S. and Mara G. support their blue team with posters at the championship game on Nov. 20. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Members of the blue team were equally geared up, “We are representing our team, and I think we can come out on top today,” freshman Ellie Thompson said.

Both teams displayed passion, teamwork, sportsmanship and optimism.  “We have to keep a positive mindset, even when we lose hope if we are losing by a touchdown,” freshman and blue team member Sofia Lehman said,

The game consisted of two twenty minute halves with commentary by senior Hannah Reynolds and junior Colleen Kelly. In addition, one student from each grade was selected to participate in a doughnut eating competition at halftime, which sophomore Ally Perri won.

The two teams scored back and forth, with the final outcome a 56-38 victory by the orange team. Orange fans rushed onto the field at the end of the game to celebrate the victory. “I said we were going to win [and] we won,” Cusat said in the midst of celebration.

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