Four Students Begin Year-long Metro Scholars Program

By Molly Clifford, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Four current juniors–Shea Campanella, Patti Frees, Julia Hallman and Skye Loures–are members of the Metro Scholars program at Two River Theater, which is now in full swing. This competitive program is designed for high school juniors to learn about professional theater. Students in Metro Scholars have the opportunity to take classes with trained performers and artists to maximize their experience.

In the 2017-2018 school year, both Anna Phillips and Abigail Devine, now seniors, were Metro Scholars. Although their time in the program has ended, the two girls can use what they have learned in many other ways. “My experience was nothing but positive; it exposed me to all the aspects of theatre that I knew I already loved, but it then gave me a chance to love it even more,” Phillips said. “The Metro Scholars program helped me develop great professional relationships.”


(Left to Right) Patti F., Skye L., Julia H. and Shea C. share excitement in the Metro Scholar Program at Two River Theater.  (Photo by Grace Kenney)

The students in Metro Scholars do two assistantships during the year in which they will work as an assistant in varying departments within the arts. These assistantships can be anywhere from 20-50 hours, depending on the position. Along with the assistantships, the students will have other opportunities throughout the year.

“We also get to see the shows at Two River Theater and get to attend workshops after each one on the different aspects of running theater,” Hallman said.

In addition to gaining experience within the theater, students in this program learn skills that they will be able to apply to the theater program at Trinity Hall. “In the program, I will learn how to manage bigger stages and productions in addition to different techniques of sewing, both of which will benefit the costume department within Trinity Hall,” Frees said.

Metro Scholars opens the doors to many opportunities within the arts, which can lead to career options in the future. It is also a way for students who enjoy the theatre to express themselves in a new way. “Doing the Metro Scholars Program was one of the best decisions of my life, and I have found a home at Two River [Theater] that I love,” Phillips said.

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