Students Welcome Grandfriends to Trinity Hall

By Sydney Riepl, Features Editor

The school’s first Grandfriends Day, held on April 26, was well-attended with nearly 200  grandfriends joining students in their first two classes of the day to get a taste of everyday life at Trinity Hall.  


Christina C. and Jesse Z. enjoy grandfriends day during their engineering class. (Photo by Sophia Hegel)

For the first time, grandfriends stepped into the shoes of their granddaughters to experience first-hand what an all-girls school in the Catholic tradition is like. Students walked their grandfriends around the school, attended two classes together and showed the progress of the new addition being built. Before the morning event concluded, the grandfriends gathered in the commons for a short video and presentation from Head of School Mary Sciarrillo.

“I’m very impressed with the amount of empowerment being directed towards young women and the encouragement of high scholastic goals,” said Pat Fahei, grandmother of sophomore Whitney Butterfield.

“I think this is a much needed and very special day to spend with my granddaughter in her environment,” added Fahei. “It is a wonderful school [and a] wonderful environment. I think the world as we know it is evolving everyday, and it is wonderful to see my granddaughter involved with such a profound school.”  

Students also felt this was a necessary day that should be repeated. “Showing my Pa my world was something that I liked for him to experience. I hope he can come next year and experience my daily life once again,” sophomore Maggie Ward said.

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