Monarchs Take On Montreal

By Emily Knepple, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Over spring break, 23 students and four faculty members traveled to the beautiful city of Montreal from March 26-29 for an immersive French-Canadian cultural learning experience.

Screenshot 2018-04-26 at 5.14.35 PM

Sophomores Sam D., Kelsey C., French teacher Anne-Sophie Delaunay-Lehman and sophomore Riley F. pose by the foliage at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal on Mar. 27. (Photo courtesy of THFB)

“Trinity Hall encourages these type of out of the classroom excursions that provide an opportunity to have a variety of interesting academic, social, and linguistic opportunities,” said French teacher Martin Januario who organized the trip. “I think the students really enjoyed the trip, and I know the faculty did, too.”

Students echoed the opportunities he mentioned as their reasons for participating. “I was drawn to this trip because of my French class,” senior Olivia Denicola said. “On top of the itinerary, I knew that I would have the chance to both read and speak French, and with the AP exam coming up, this felt like a great way to exercise what I have learned.”

The students explored Montreal through guided-tours, a trip to the Botanical Gardens, authentic cuisine and even a game of Laser Tag the first night they arrived.

“I really enjoyed walking around Old Montreal with my friends and all of the breathtaking architecture,” sophomore Kelsey Cooper said. Students were also exposed to the rich and religious culture found in Montreal. “I really enjoyed the Notre Dame Basilica; it was especially extraordinary with all of the ornate details,” Cooper said.

Screenshot 2018-04-26 at 5.13.34 PM

Students visit Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal on Mar. 27. (Photo courtesy THFB)

The experience concluded with a scavenger hunt around Old Montreal, requiring students to look for landmarks across the city. With help from faculty and the assigned tour guide, Julie Bélanger, students celebrated the end of their trip with a fun and interactive activity. “I felt like I truly bonded with my classmates when trying to find the answers to the questions,” Cooper said.

As a new addition to the line-up of global excursions that Trinity Hall sponsors, the Montreal trip proved to be a success, emerging students in French-Canadian culture by exploring the city of Montreal through a multitude of engaging activities.





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