Honor Roll Gives Credit Where It’s Due

By Alexa Sadowski, Staff Writer

At a recent community meeting, Head of School Mary Sciarrillo discussed grades with the student body. She explained that merely meeting the requirements in a class or on a project does not necessarily earn you an “A,” and the faculty agreed with her. So, following this line of reasoning, shouldn’t those who consistently exceed expectations in courses be acknowledged?

After every sports season there is a night honoring athletes and team accomplishments. Why not applaud students who excel academically as well? Don’t they work hard for their endeavors just like athletes? Shouldn’t they be applauded just as much as, if not more than, athletes since “school comes first?”

Furthering the notion that an honor roll is used to commend the students who are exceeding expectations in the classroom, Trinity Hall praises the achievements of all students. At community meetings, we are encouraged to stand up and tell our community about things our fellow classmates have done. So shouldn’t in-school academic accomplishments be celebrated just as much? The implementation of an honor roll would allow students who are excelling in their classes to be recognized.

All students work hard to receive their grades but at Trinity Hall we spend hours studying and stay up late determined to complete every math problem and perfectly word every paper. Even though the entire student body is diligent with their school work, some students go above and beyond and put even more time than required into homework, essays, studying, and projects. These students’ performances and efforts should be applauded.

An honor roll would also motivate other students to work hard to earn a spot on the honor roll. Trinity Hall has a challenging curriculum, and the work becomes even more demanding as the year progresses, which often results in students becoming more tired and less motivated. An honor roll will serve as an incentive for students to continue putting forth their best efforts to earn the best grades they can get during the entire school year.

If an honor roll’s purpose is to distinguish students who have achieved academic excellence and encourage all students to work to their potential, it should be implemented at Trinity Hall.

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