Current Events Classes Are a Critical Component of Education

By Emily Knepple, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In a world that is ever-changing, a fortified knowledge of current events remains a necessity of a student’s high school education. With a diverse student body across America that serves as our nation’s future-leaders, an understanding of what is going on in not only our own nation but also in neighboring ones serves as a pivotal tool required to serve the world. A current events class fails to appear in every school’s curriculum, but in a place where most students appreciate and take advantage of their education, this course would be yet another valuable offering to the Trinity Hall student body.

The likelihood of a high school student devoting enough time of their day to watch the news and actually learn from it is small. With the rigorous academic schedules of all students at Trinity Hall, free time is devoted to most things that are required for daily life, like showering, eating, and eventually, sleeping. With the implementation of a current events class, however, I believe the majority of our student body would take advantage of the opportunity to learn about pressing topics in our society during the school day.

As innovators of our future, we are often empowered at Trinity Hall to push the envelope and immerse ourselves in new experiences. In a time of political frenzy, the youth feels pressured now more than ever to educate ourselves with the lessons that are needed to cater to the youth that follows them.

Serving as leaders in our society requires knowledge and understanding of people from all different backgrounds. A current events course encourages learning about different ethnicities and cultures, and thus contributes to the greater conversation of our diversified nation. We must be aware of what is going in our world in order to properly lead and fight for the rights of all people.

Likewise, during the college process, seniors are often asked, “What topic are you most interested in?” and “How do you plan on serving the world?” With a knowledge of the outside world, students can better articulate their thoughts both on paper and in person. As just one example, seniors who participate in college interviews during the application process will be better prepared to discuss and examine current events, a topic that often surfaces.

Finally, according to Education World, a survey of 798 students in grades nine to twelve showed that students who study news or watch TV news in school are more likely to engage in news-seeking behaviour outside of school. By increasing the study of news in the Trinity Hall classrooms, students who are drawn to current topics, such as politics, will be given the foundation they need to become successful in their field.

With a curriculum that gives students options and covers almost everything, Trinity Hall would only benefit from an offering of a current events course. As pioneers of the future, gaining the knowledge of what’s going on around us appears to be a necessity.

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