Students and Faculty Members Strengthen their Faith as Extraordinary Ministers

By Grace Kenney, Layout Editor

In order to deepen their commitment to their faith, seniors Madeline Earle, Emily Knepple and Gina Rienzo, juniors Colleen Cusat, Abigail Devine, Olivia Ferrigine, Madison Huber, Kathryn Ortenzio and Hannah Reynolds, and faculty members Tracey Andrejko and Samantha Mattsson were commissioned as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion by Campus Minister Sister Mariann Mahon on Oct. 27.

mass 110117 (25)

Senior Madeline E., who was commissioned an extraordinary minister on Oct. 27, distributes Holy Communion at the All Saints’ Day Mass on Nov. 1 (Photo courtesy of Melissa Whelan)

After completing an application, each candidate pursued the proper training to be commissioned.  The students and faculty practiced the process of distribution and discussed their spiritual reasons for becoming an extraordinary minister.

Many of the current students were inspired by Holly Koerwer and Brianne Dwyer, members of the Class of 2017 who were the first Trinity Hall students to be commissioned as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion last year.

“As I’ve participated in the school Masses before as an altar server, I was inspired to take my faith a step further by the two seniors who served as extraordinary ministers last year,” Ortenzio said.

The commissioning in front of the student body recognized the students’ and faculty members’ dedication to faith and their interest in serving the community. After Sister Mariann’s blessing, the extraordinary ministers distributed Holy Communion during the community’s celebration of All Saints Day Mass on Nov. 1. The extraordinary ministers expressed their pride and gratitude in developing a new connection with the community.

mass 110117 (30)

Seniors Gina R. and Emily K. serve the community as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion at the All Saints’ Day Mass on Nov. 1. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Whelan)

“I have already had students tell me how special they think it is that I distribute the Communion, which is heart-warming to see as young girls are inspired to deepen their faith in the near future,” Mattsson said.

The involvement of liturgical ministry members in the Church has not only had a significant impact on the Trinity Hall community but also in the Catholic community worldwide. “It is great news for the future of our Church and the role of women in the Church that our young women are serving as lectors, cantors, musicians, singers and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion,” Sister Mariann said.

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