First Halloween Costume Contest Rewards Creativity and Collaboration

By Morgan Kogan, Staff Writer

Students and faculty participated in the school’s first Halloween costume contest by showing off their creativity, humor and cooperative efforts.  

103117 AP (86).JPG

Sophomores Colleen K., Molly C., Sydney R., and Maggie W., dressed as a faculty rollercoaster, won in the category of Most Elaborate Costume. (Photo by Anna P.)

The judges (board members Sean Clifford, Mairead Clifford, Chuck Jones, Mary Ann LaSardo, Mark Munro, Miriam Tort and Donna Winchell and security guard John Molisso) voted on winners for each of the six categories: Most Creative, Most Elaborate, Funniest, Scariest, Best Group and Best Teacher.

“The costumes were hilarious! It was really hard to vote for a winner in every category,” Mairead Clifford said.

Winning costumes included freshman Caitlin Ramos as Napoleon Dynamite (funniest costume), the junior class as a hoard of tourists (best group costume), senior Kathryn Kwapnewski as a basketball trophy (most creative) and sophomores Molly Clifford, Colleen Kelly, Sydney Riepl and Maggie Ward as a faculty rollercoaster (most elaborate).

“I was really happy because I worked really hard on my costume, and I was glad people liked it,” said freshman Gabby Sorrentino, whose extensive makeup for her costume of the killer from the movie Smiley allowed her to win the award for scariest costume.

103117 AP (28)

Faculty members (L to R) Lisa Calandrino, Lauren Pappa, Anne-Sophie Lehman, Kali Lambrou, Cathryn Danielczyk and Susan Almeida get in the Halloween spirit by dressing as superheroes. (Photo by Anna P.)

Faculty also joined in the fun, many sticking with the theme of superheroes. History teacher, Michael Kabash, dressed as himself to compete in the best teacher category. “It worked out to be a little self-expression, and it was fun getting on the stage for a minute,” Kabash said.

The faculty winner, however, was Sister Mariann Mahon who dressed as a scary nun.

Student body president Bridget Andree and the core council were highly influential in the creation of the event, which served as another way for the community to gain points for their Royal Rumble teams, with the winner of each category taking home three Royal Rumble points. For this event, the Orange Team outscored the Blue Team, 12-6.

“Our event was successful in uniting the community in the spirit of Halloween,” Andree said. The Student Council hopes the costume contest will continue as a tradition for years to come.

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