Seniors Finalize College Decisions

By Brigid Clifford, Editor-in-Chief, and Jackie Fletcher, Opinions Editor

After months of stressful applications and anxious anticipation, all 32 members of Trinity Hall’s first ever graduating class have decided where they will be attending college in the fall. Collectively, the Class of 2017 has been accepted into 79 different colleges and universities and has been awarded over $3.1 million in scholarships. Back in March, you read about the first 15 girls who made their choice. Keep reading to see where the remaining 17 students will be spending the next four years and some of their thoughts about their new schools as well as advice to rising seniors about the application and decision-making process.

Alexa Alverio | Bucknell University

I chose Bucknell because I completely fell in love with the campus when I visited. I was accepted as a student in the College of Engineering with an intended major in chemical engineering. I look forward to pursuing this further education in engineering and to the many new things I will experience as I start this new chapter in my life. I also look forward to four more years of orange and blue! ‘Ray Bucknell!

Nicole Calandrino | Villanova University

When I first started to look at colleges, Villanova was not on my list because my dad attended Villanova and my brother was a year ahead of me in the college process, considering Villanova at the time. I have extremely different interests from my dad and brother, and so it seemed impossible to me that we could be drawn to the same school, especially because I always anticipated attending a fashion-centered city school. However, during the fall of my junior year I attended Villanova’s ‘Legacy Day’ at which I fell in love with the school. Since then, I visited many more times and became much more interested in watching and attending basketball games which all instilled a premature sense of school spirit in me as my position as a Villanova legacy became more comforting than off-putting. I was drawn to Villanova because of its academic prestige, particularly in the business school, to which I applied directly, but also because Villanova’s academic rigor is balanced with the presence of a social atmosphere and competitive sports that instill school spirit in students and alumni, furthering the presence of a strong network for graduates. My advice for the application and decision process is to keep an open mind and apply to the schools that interest you even if you don’t think you’ll get it in. You may be pleasantly surprised, which is a much greater feeling than regret or feeling like you may have played it “safe” in the college process.

Elizabeth Castellano | Babson College

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Elizabeth C. is heading to Babson College is Wellesley, Mass. in the fall. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth C.

I chose Babson College because it is well-known for its business program, specifically in entrepreneurship. I plan on studying this major, and only a certain number of schools offer this unique major. Since Babson is the #1 school for entrepreneurship in the world, I know I will obtain a great education in a field I am interested in. I am looking forward to bonding with my other 700 classmates of 2021 and having a tight-knit community with great connections that I will have for all my life. The application process is so stressful, so I think the best advice is to take a deep breath, know you did your best, and just see what happens. I stressed out way more than I should have, and the best part is is that during this time, everything is out of your hands. So relax and enjoy the rest of your time at Trinity Hall; it will fly by!

Pallavi Kawatra | University of the Sciences

USciences is a small school, and transitioning from Trinity Hall to such a small school will be much safer, and I feel much more comfortable that I can go up to my teachers and talk to them just like I was able to do at Trinity. I’m looking forward to studying a subject I’m truly interested in. I am majoring in neuroscience with a minor in marketing. I love learning about the brain, and this is the first year they are introducing the major, and it seems really fascinating. It’s okay if you don’t get in where you want to. Life has a way of showing you the right path for you; just go with it and make the best of wherever you go. You’re a Monarch; you’ll make us, our community, your family, and your friends forever proud.

Kali Magnusson | Providence College

I chose to go to Providence College because I got a really good feeling when I went there. I wanted to keep my options open, but when I visited again, I knew that it was the school for me. I can’t wait to go to the games, explore the city and study engineering. For the rising seniors, I think it’s important to visit your schools of interest more than once so that you can pick the right school for you!

Grace Modderman | Stevens Institute of Technology

I chose Stevens because it has such great access to the city and is in an awesome place for making connections and having fun. Hoboken is so lively and filled with young people who work in NYC. It is also extremely well-known for its engineering programs and the success its graduates have. It’s pretty different from a lot of the other schools I was choosing from, so that made me a little nervous, but in the end, it all just kind of worked out that Stevens was the place I should end up. I was also awarded some pretty decent scholarships and an acceptance into their accelerated Master’s program. Choosing a college is filled with outside influence, but make sure you really listen to yourself and not the “name” or where your friends think you should go. And my last thing, which I know everyone hears A THOUSAND times (I did too), is that everything really does work out. It may even take a while for you to realize that you’ve found the right place, but you will. The college you belong at may surprise you, but enjoy the process and don’t get too down about anything.

Liszeth Rodriguez | Lafayette College


Liszeth R. will head to Lafayette College in Pennsylvania to study engineering. Photo courtesy of Liszeth R.

I ultimately chose Lafayette because of their approach to an interdisciplinary education. I have the ability to major in engineering and also major in a liberal arts course such as international studies. I wanted the opportunity to double major or double minor in another field other than engineering. I also chose Lafayette because they primarily focus on undergraduates, which means I am able to partake in research and internships as a first year student. I love that I have so many opportunities to become an engaged member of the community while also pursuing my intended major. As a tip to rising seniors, it may be stressful in the beginning of senior year as you are searching for that ideal college, but do not worry – the ideal school is out there for you! Just continue to work hard…Also, coming from a student who applied to a lot of schools, try to REALLY narrow down your college list because it becomes less stressful and easier to make a final decision. Good luck rising seniors; I know that you will all do amazing things!

Chloe Toole | George Washington University

I chose George Washington because when I visited the campus, I could imagine myself going to school there. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the city-style on the campus. I am definitely looking forward to being in D.C. There is so much to do there, so I am excited to explore the area. I am also excited to live in a city because it is so different from what I am used to. My advice to seniors going through this process would be to figure out what type of school you want to attend. For example, choose what size school you want, what type of campus you want, etc. Narrowing down your choices by your interests can help you choose the right college and reduce stress.

Katie Valsamedis | Villanova University


Katie V. will be a freshman at Villanova University in Pennsylvania this fall. Photo courtesy of Katie V.

Villanova is the perfect school for me.  Along with the excellent academic reputation, the campus, proximity to Philly, distance from home and school spirit were some of the main factors that influenced my decision. I cannot wait to study Chemical Engineering in a place that strongly encourages environmental practices. My advice for the underclassmen is to get your applications in early so you can enjoy senior year, and to go with your gut when making your college decision.

Kaitlyn Vogel | Stetson University

A big deciding factor for me when choosing the right college was the community feeling. I wanted a school that was small and would be a welcoming home for me for the next four years. I am looking forward to exploring the various fields of business and uncovering what I am interested in. My advice for rising seniors is to pick the college that you feel most comfortable at.

Amelia Biebel | Centenary University

Chantal Carrillo | Pace University

Brenna Dowd | Pennsylvania State University – State College

MacKenzie Knox | Loyola University Maryland

Abby Marcin | Purdue University

Lilly McCann | St. Joseph’s University

Jasmine Sanchez | American University

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