Students Attend First On-Campus Semi-Formal

By Allie Witek, Staff Writer

The third annual Semi-Formal Dance on Dec. 3 took place for the first time in the student commons, making it quite different from past school dances. Although some students were apprehensive about the location, the event still drew a large showing, with 176 students and 10 faculty members in attendance.

“We would have loved to host the dance on campus had we had an adequate facility in years prior,” Assistant Head of School James Palmeri said. “Fortunately, we felt the commons in our new building was just right for this purpose. Also, having the dance on campus keeps costs down for students.”


Seniors Liszeth R., Holly K., Chloe T. and Alessandra S. work together to transform the commons for the Semi-Formal on Dec. 3. Photo by Kelly Weber

Though more convenient and cheaper, the location required more preparation and creativity than in past years. “Planning Semi to be held in the commons was definitely a challenge,” said Nicole Calandrino, senior community life council chair Nicole Calandrino. “My main focus was to make the space feel appropriate for the event and transform it for the students who already spend so much of their time in the room.” Calandrino and the rest of the committee, including faculty advisor Faina Tarasyuk, started planning and preparing for the event in early November.

“As a council, we focused heavily on decorations that would be present enough to make the space feel suitable for the event but not so present that they appeared to be distracting or tacky,” Calandrino said. The large room was decorated with handmade paper snowflakes and string lights that cascaded down walls in order to create a “Winter Wonderland,” which was the theme for the dance.

The freshmen especially were looking forward to Semi because it was their debut at a major school function. “My first school dance was definitely an excellent experience! My date, my friends and I definitely enjoyed ourselves,” freshman Isa Murphy said. “It was fun to see everyone not in a school environment and all dressed up!”

Returning students also felt that the dance was fun and successful, proving the extra preparation and planning paid off. “There was not a time I saw someone bored. Everyone was always dancing, taking pictures and having fun,” sophomore Niyah Robinson said.

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