Striking Up Fun With Father-Daughter Bowling

By Brigid Clifford, News Editor

Adding to the list of new traditions in the making, many students and their dads attended the first-ever Father-Daughter Bowling Day on Jan. 8 at Harmony Lanes in Middletown. Organized by the DeNicola and Koerwer families, the event drew many girls from all grades and their family members, who enjoyed pizza, snacks, bowling and prizes.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the bowling alley and the opportunity we got to all spend time together having fun and relaxing,” junior Kate Burgess said.

The event was created so that the community could take part in another family bonding activity, like the Mother-Daughter Tea held in the spring. Although called the Father-Daughter Bowling event, guests weren’t just limited to fathers; brothers, uncles, cousins and relatives were all welcome to participate.


Junior Brigid C lines up for a strike!
Photo by Olivia DeNicola

“We have something for the mothers and daughters, so we wanted to have an event that the dads could enjoy, too,” junior Olivia DeNicola said.

All but two of the lanes at the large bowling alley were filled with teams of several students and their guests competing not only for fun but also to receive Best and Worst Bowler awards. The five bowlers with the highest scores were awarded a small trophy, and the five bowlers with the lowest scores received a bowling pin-shaped hat. Paul Knepple, father of junior Emily Knepple and winner of the Best Bowler award with 171 points, said that the prizes were the highlight of the event.

DeNicola agreed that the prizes added to the fun. “It was so fun to see the excitement of all of the dads who won,” she said.

The students, fathers, planners and even the owner of Harmony Lanes have expressed a desire to make the Father-Daughter Bowling Day an annual event due to the success of the inaugural one.

“I would definitely go again next year. It was fun because I got to spend time with my dad and my friends,” freshman Maggie Ward said. “Also, my team figured out how to go five consecutive turns without getting any pins!”

“It was a typical, classy Trinity Hall event. Very well run, and we were generously fed,” Knepple said.

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