We’d Be Bell-tter Off!

By Pallavi Kawatra, Opinions Editor

With a new building and four full grades, Trinity Hall is now well on its way to becoming a “normal” high school. But something is missing that may have gone unnoticed: a bell to indicate when to change classes, a distinct sound that will prevent teachers from teaching too long and will allow students to get to their next class on time.

Teachers often run over the allotted class time, sometimes inadvertently. This common practice pushes back the start time of the next class, which is unfair to the students and teachers of the next class, and it often creates a domino effect on the following classes.

“The teachers run over, and I make it to my class later,” senior Lizzy Castellano said. “Sometimes the teachers will eat into lunch time or other classes. A bell would end this problem.”

With a bell that would loudly and clearly indicate the end and beginning of periods, students and teachers could keep to the schedule that was created for us rather that stealing time from other classes or our break and lunch periods.

Furthermore, bells would be a reminder to students that class has begun and would clear up any confusion about whether or not a student has arrived late to class. This would be especially helpful for the periods after the break, lunch or free periods, when students often lose track of time. Having a bell will ease students’ tensions about getting to class on time while also helping teachers hold students more accountable for being present when the class officially starts.

As we take strides to achieve the normalcy of a high school, adding a bell will get us closer to our goal. A bell system would help everyone stay on schedule and ensure a more fair, efficient and conducive learning environment for all teachers and students. 

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