New Campus Gets Thumbs Up from Students

By Jackie Fletcher, Features Editor


Junior Sophia B. grabs her books from her new locker on the way to her next class.
Photo by Malia Wolf

Greeted by newly installed carpets, freshly painted walls, wooden lockers and modern science labs, students were pleased with the new campus when they first arrived in September, as evidenced by looks of awe and satisfaction on their faces.

Junior Kathryn Kwapniewski expressed her satisfaction succinctly: “One word: lockers!” Returning students agree that the large wooden lockers with ample shelving and space are an upgrade from the small cubbies they had at the previous location at Croydon Hall in Middletown, where Trinity Hall operated for its first three years.

The new facility, which is now more centrally located in Tinton Falls on Corregidor Road, encompasses about 20,000 square feet. “I love how spacious the new building feels,” junior Bridget Andree said. “The wide windows in the classrooms make [the space] feel really open.”

The Commons allows the student body to gather for lunch and community meetings, like this one held on Oct. 21. Photo courtesy of Kelly Weber

The Commons allows the student body to gather for lunch and community meetings, like this one held on Oct. 21. Photo courtesy of Kelly Weber

In addition to spatial expansion and modern design, the technological updates featured in the building continue to enhance students’ educational experience. The four science labs are each dedicated to either chemistry, biology, physics or engineering and serve the everyday learning at Trinity Hall. Equipped with fume hoods, fumigators at each station, 3-D printers and a laser cutter, the students can conduct advanced experiments, labs and projects in their science classes.

“What I really like about the science program is how it’s hands on!” freshman Sophia Hegel said. “In physics we’ve been doing a couple labs that are introducing us to things like graphing, making charts and using our computer software.”

The new facility is especially significant for the sophomores, juniors and seniors who know how much time and effort was dedicated toward the construction of the building and are grateful for the new campus.


Seniors Liszeth R. and Isabelle P. study together in the Commons during their free period. Photo by Malia Wolf

“The new building is beautiful. It is wonderful to be in a building that is no longer temporary,” sophomore Hannah Reynolds said. “The labs and classrooms are amazing, and the Commons room creates a sense of community that we weren’t able to have at Croydon. It feels great to be in a place we can finally call home!”

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