Students Take a Wickedly Wonderful Trip to NYC

By Elizabeth Witek, Staff Writer

Trinity Hall’s drama club hosted its second annual trip to Broadway on Feb. 28 with approximately 50 students and 10 faculty members traveling together by bus to see the wildly popular musical Wicked.


Devan L. and CC J. enjoyed the pre-show trip to the M&M store in Times Square. Photo by Elizabeth Witek. 

Before the show, the group stopped at the M&M store in the heart of Times Square, Starbucks and Mama Sbarro for lunch. “The M&M store was my favorite part of the trip,” freshman Veronica Castellano said. “I spent fifteen dollars on candy and I ate it during the show. It completed the experience!”

The students enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their classmates outside of school with a stress-free experience in New York City. “I loved the pizza place because it was fun to chill with my friends and eat good food,” Freshman Devan Lang said.

After stocking up on candy and filling up on pizza, it was off to the show. Wicked tells the backstory of the witches from the well-known classic The Wizard of Oz, showing how the Wicked Witch, Elphaba, befriends Glinda the Good Witch. The musical dramatizes their time at school when they discover more about themselves, each other and their destinies in Oz. It is a tale about friendship, love and trust, topics close to the hearts of Trinity Hall’s students.

“I’ve waited so long to see [Wicked], and I felt so motivated and inspired after it because of its positive message,” said junior Lizzy Castellano, who was one of many students that raved about the show.

In the end, however, the Broadway trip was about more than the show itself. “My favorite part about the whole experience was spending time in the city with all of my friends, and going places I really love,” freshman Anna Phillips said.

Drama club leaders Grace Molloy and Lilly McCann hope that the students will continue to enjoy these trips. “I would like the drama club to get a chance to see as many shows as possible, possibly including Finding Neverland in the future,” Molloy said.


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