Driving Privileges for Juniors Would Lead to Unfair Circumstances

By Amelia Biebel, Photo Editor

About ten juniors have already received their driver’s licenses and many more will before the school year ends in June. While these students are ready and able to drive to school instead of taking the bus or being driven by parents, the school currently doesn’t allow them this opportunity. Not surprisingly, this policy that has been met with opposition from students who want the freedom and convenience of driving themselves to school, but it’s a policy based on logic and forward-thinking fairness.

There is limited parking space at the current location; at times even the faculty and staff don’t have space to park. Allowing 10-15 students to drive and park at school would exacerbate the space issue. Even though people argue that there is plenty of other parking on campus, it isn’t all reserved for Trinity Hall. If students parked in the other lots on campus, it would interfere with the other residents of Middletown who utilize the parking spaces, creating an unfair situation for those who are not members of the Trinity Hall community.

Next year, Trinity Hall will be moving to its permanent location where there will only be enough parking spaces for the senior class. This means that the driving privilege would not get extended to the juniors next year, so having juniors drive this year would be unfair and would likely invite an unhappy response from the current sophomores.

As a junior who understands her classmates’ desire to drive themselves to school, I still agree with the school’s current policy that reserves that right for the senior class only because, as the community grows and more students start driving, it is the only logical and fair policy.

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