Drama Club Sponsors “Evita” Trip

By Emily Knepple, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The school’s drama club organized a trip to see a performance of the play Evita at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank on Sept. 11. After enjoying dinner at school together, about 20 students from all grades and six faculty members loaded a bus to enjoy a night at the theater.

“My favorite part of the trip was the staging, dancing, costumes and the whole performance in general,” junior Grace Milloy said.

“Being a lover of the theater community, this was a great way for me to spend her Friday night,” said sophomore Silvia Fragale, who found the show “incredibly breathtaking” and “really similar to an actual Broadway show.”

Evita follows a young Argentinian woman who rises out of poverty and becomes a powerful woman but is faced with different bumps in the road. Faina Tarasyuk, the faculty advisor to the drama club who also planned the trip, felt that it would be an educational yet fun opportunity for students.

“The show itself offered a good historical storyline with a good message but also was fun to watch,” Tarasyuk said.

According to Tarasyuk, during this school year the club plans to offer more opportunities for students to see shows, with the possibility of another Broadway production, like last year’s trip to New York City to see Aladdin.

“I would love to go on another trip like [Aladdin and Evita],” sophomore Hailey Hartnett said, sharing a sentiment that was echoed by most of the students who attended the Evita show.

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