Lacrosse Team Perseveres Through Challenges

By Nicole LoRusso, Editor-In-Chief

With determination and focus, the lacrosse team overcame injuries to end the spring season with an impressive 7-3 record against both JV and varsity opponents. Despite having a shallow bench all season, the team’s success resulted from a combination of individual talents and effective teamwork.

Catherine L. reaches for a catch in a game against Wardlaw-Hartridge on May 4.

Catherine L. reaches for a catch in a game against Wardlaw-Hartridge on May 4.

“It was amazing how much we all worked as a team. We only lost three games, and two were against varsity teams,” goalie Chloe Toole said.

Of the seven victories this season, one game in particular stands out to Toole. “I think that the best game that we played was against Staten Island Academy because we had so many different challenges thrown at us. Our coach got a yellow card the same time one of our players did, so we had ‘two men down’ at one point. Also, it was an aggressive game because we beat the team when they played at our field [earlier in the season],” said Toole.

Despite these obstacles, the Monarchs persevered to win 12-5 with 20 saves in goal.

The most challenging obstacle all season, however, was the number of injuries the team suffered, which resulted in limited available players.

“We didn’t have any subs[titutes], and for a couple of games we played with one or two men down. That was hard at times but we all came together and played as a team,” freshman Brigid Clifford said.

In light of this season’s success, Director of Athletics Ken Santos is optimistic about the team’s potential next season as it advances to the varsity level. “They showed a lot of improvement this year, and with a strong core group returning next season, I’m confident they will step up to the increased challenge of varsity competition,” Santos said.

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