Snow Days Mean More Work for Students

By Kathryn Kwapnewski, Staff Writer

Students usually look forward to the day before a snowstorm, eagerly putting their pajamas inside out or throwing ice out the window in hopes that these superstitious actions will result in enough snow to cancel school. Well, here at Trinity Hall, some students have not been putting their PJ’s inside out or throwing ice out the window. The reason for not wanting snow is simple: online snow days.

This winter, Trinity Hall had two “online school” snow days and two “no school” snow days. During the online school snow days, for each class on the schedule that day students received assignments, which were to be completed and submitted by midnight. After experiencing an online school day for the first time, freshman Olya Langille said, “I had more work online than I actually would in school.”

Student at table ready for online meeting

Sophomore Lizzy C is up early to attend the 10th grade community meeting.
Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall’s Facebook page.

Some students agreed with Langille, claiming they were overloaded with snow day assignments plus homework for that night. “The teachers just gave us piles of homework. I stayed up until about 11:00 that night,” said freshman Haley Cesario.

During these online school snow days, students are trapped inside their homes, forced to complete their work instead of enjoying the snow while it lasts. Sophomore Alexa Alverio admitted, “I prefer not to have [online schooling] so I could do more activities on snow days.”

The traditional snow day gives students time off from their burdensome work; however, during these online school snow days, relaxation was not be found. Freshman Dorothea Wotton felt the online school snow day put unnecessary stress on her that she could not handle.

Although Trinity Hall’s online school snow days are intended to keep courses on schedule, for some students, they are filled with anxiety and difficulty. So how can these online school days be effective when most students dread them?

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