2014 Trinity Hall Choice Awards

By Brigid Clifford, Features Editor

During the height of awards season last month, the Trinity Hall Tribune decided to survey the student body to find out who deserved to win the first annual Trinity Hall Choice Awards. Here are the top vote-getters from 2014:

Favorite Movie:faultinourstars

The Fault in Our Stars (42 votes)

The Fault in Our Stars, released on June 6, was no doubt one of the most successful movies of the year. The tragic love story about two cancer patients who end up falling in love with each other swept this category coming in 27 votes ahead of runner-up 22 Jump Street (15 votes). “[It] was an emotional roller coaster,” freshman Kathryn Kwapniewski said. When watching this tear-jerker, tissues are more important than popcorn.

nightchanges1Favorite Song:

“Night Changes” by One Direction (28 votes)

“Night Changes,” whose music video came out on Nov. 21, beat runner-up “Uptown Funk” by only one vote. The song was released on the band’s new album FOUR shortly before the music video. “ ‘Night Changes’ was my personal favorite song from 2014, and I am very happy that this many people agree with me,” freshman Kate Burgess said. One Direction has performed the popular single on television shows including Saturday Night Live and The Today Show.

Favorite Tour:

One Direction’s “Where We Are Tour” (34 votes)tour2

The “Where We Are Tour,” One Direction’s third headlining tour, kicked off on April 25 and ended October 5. The boys visited stadiums all across Europe, North and South America, racking up a total of 69 shows in all. Sophomore Nicole LoRusso said, “ ‘The Where We Are Tour’was an unforgettable experience. The boys didn’t have the stereotypical boy bands dances or costume changes; the concert relied completely on their vocals in addition to the amazing lighting and effects. Plus, who could ever forget Harry Styles waving at you.” Selling out stadiums all over the world, One Direction was able to prove their proclaimed talent while singing songs from their third album Midnight Memories. The band’s fourth tour, “On The Road Again,” began on February 7 and will continue until late October of this year.

albumFavorite Album:

1989 by Taylor Swift (31 votes)

1989 debuted at Number 1 on the Billboard charts on October 27. Swift’s fifth studio album beat One Direction’s FOUR in this category by just eight votes. Freshman Olivia DeNicola was a little bit upset by One Direction’s loss. “As both a One Direction fan and Taylor Swift, it is conflicting at times. It’s hard when they’re nominated for different awards against each other,” DeNicola said. “Despite loving both…I’m very disappointed that FOUR didn’t win, and although I love Taylor, One Direction will always be my forever love.” Despite the tight competition with the world famous boyband, Swift’s first pop album claimed the top spot in the Trinity Hall Choice Awards while reigning on worldwide charts months after the album’s release.

Favorite Breakout Artist:5sos4

5 Seconds of Summer (28 votes)

5 Seconds of Summer is a boy band from Australia who made their big break opening for One Direction’s previous two tours. They gained most of their fame and fans this past year, beating Sam Smith for the title of Trinity Hall’s Breakout Artist Choice Award. “As a strong supporter of this band, I am thrilled to see them win this award,” freshman Emily Knepple said. “This means a lot to me, and I am glad my fellow classmates agree with me…that they are an amazing band that will only become more successful in the future.” 5 Seconds of Summer’s popularity continues to grow in 2015 as they prepare to launch their first headlining tour in May.

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