Trinity Hall Glee Club Performs in CBA Jazz Concert

By Brigid Clifford, Features Editor

The glee club performed in its first show as part of CBA’s annual jazz concert, singing with the CBA men’s choir and special guests David Benoit and Selena Albright in front of a packed audience at Christian Brothers Academy on December 3.

Trinity Hall's Glee Club and CBA's Men's Choir performing at the CBA Jazz Series with David Benoit on Dec 3.  Photograph courtesy of John Sanfratello

Trinity Hall’s Glee Club and CBA’s Men’s Choir perform at the CBA Jazz Series with David Benoit on Dec 3.
Photo courtesy of John Sanfratello

“I really enjoyed the glee [club] performance,” said freshman Kate Burgess after attending the concert. “I was so taken aback by the talent of not only Trinity Hall’s glee club but of CBA as well. It was extremely evident how much work the girls put in. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Glee club advisor Kali Lambrou agreed that the 21 members of the club devoted much time and energy to preparing for the big night. “Rehearsing was fun and filled with community spirit between Trinity Hall and CBA, and the experience with Mrs. Karen Gold, musical director of CBA, was wonderful…She brought out the best in all the performers,” Lambrou said.

The performers truly appreciated the opportunity to sing with professional musicians at a renowned concert. “I was really nervous because I didn’t want to mess up, and I knew that it was a sold out show. I think everyone was nervous, but once I was on stage, the nerves went away,” freshman Emily Knepple said. “I enjoyed being apart of the concert very much…it was a great experience.”

While the glee club has performed for the Trinity Hall community before, they recognize the significance of their first live concert performance and hope they can add more like it in the near future.

“It was a unique and rare opportunity to join two communities and be part of a professional performance with legendary jazz musician David Benoit,” Lambrou said. “Everyone involved helped the glee club singers feel comfortable so they could give an uplifting and magical performance.”

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